What We Do

Here at High Point Tree Services, there are a number of different expert operations that we provide. Below we have highlighted some of our main business but are always welcome to custom work. Call our tree experts with any questions on quotes or operations!

Tree Removal

Have a tree that seems to be in the way or in a bad location that you need removed? Our tree service experts will have it out in no time making your property look better and your yard safer!

Stump Removal

If you have a stump that needs to be removed, look no further than one of the best tree services in North Carolina. Using state of the art equipment, your yard will be stump-free in no time.

Tree Trimming

If you love your trees but the branches are getting out of hand, we have a team of experts that will be able to shape it up while making your tree look great. High Point Tree Services has all of the equipment and knowledge to make your trees look better than ever!

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