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For decades, High Point Tree Services has been the area’s leading company for expert tree removal! Operating as a family owned business right here in North Carolina, we know how to fix any problem, because we’ve seen it all!

Expert Service

Having pride in what we do, and being fully insured and trained, we keep a very professional attitude towards our work and strive to achieve only the best results for our customers. We are licensed in the state of North Carolina and can be expected to go about any job in a safe and professional way. To see common issues click here.

We Care About Your Property

With tree removal, comes big equipment, and so comes potential damages to your property! We understand this risk and use our expert knowledge to preserve any part of your property and avoid any damages. Our High Point professional arborists can spot potentials issues like these and work around them to make the job easier for us and for you.

Competitive Pricing

Tree removal does not need to break the bank and we believe just that. Because we are located locally here in High Point, we can can offer you the lowest prices to keep your trees looking great, and pockets full! Want a quote? Give one of our experts a call!

Safety is Our Middle Name

With countless dangerous trees removal jobs handled annually, we can ensure that we operate with the most up to date safety procedures and methods to safely perform any job that you could throw our way. This is only part of what makes us the most reliable company in the area!

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